How to file electronically?

It is possible to file tax returns and accounting documentation electronically via telecommunication channels directly to tax authority or through an authorized operator.

Generally, only largest taxpayers are eligible to e-file directly to tax authority by using dedicated software which is not publicly available. The relevant online service can be accessed through the FTS website.

The legislative basis of e-filing is the Regulation approved by the Decree of the Ministry of Taxes and Dues of Russia dated 02.04.2002 № БГ-3-32/169 (registered in the Russian Ministry of Justice 16.05.2002 № 3437). This Decree is valid to the extent not contrary to par. 3 of art. 80 of the Russian Tax Code.

For e-filing purposes the taxpayer or his representative must electronically sign the tax return to confirm accuracy and completeness of the information specified in the tax return (par. 5 of art. 80 of the Russian Tax Code).

E-filing is possible only for taxpayers with having software and hardware compatible with the technical means of the tax authority.