What are the advantages of e-filing?

Saving of time

The taxpayers do not need to visit a tax inspectorate. All information at almost any time of day can be sent from a taxpayer office.

No duplication

Submitting of tax returns and accounting documentation electronically does not require the duplication in hard copy.

Errors avoiding

E-filing software greatly reduces the number of errors. The software allows checking tax and accounting reporting automatically, processing data more accurately and reporting in compliance with the standard.

Guaranteed updates

In case of change of tax or accounting reporting form, or the introduction of new reporting forms, the taxpayer automatically gets an opportunity to update the list of forms before the due date of e-filing.

Peace of mind

When using e-filing the taxpayer has the opportunity to get from tax authority an official statement (output printing on tax) confirming that the taxpayer is compliant. Such information is also transmitted in secured form by tax authority through an authorized operator.

Prompt notification

The taxpayer has the opportunity to receive by e-mail publicly available information on changes in tax laws, regulations, budgetary accounts, etc.

Delivery confirmation

When e-filing the taxpayer is guaranteed to obtain delivery confirmation, which has legal validity in case of disputes.


E-filing software provides necessary level of information security and equipped with the latest encryption software to protect privacy.

Improving data processing

The reporting filed electronically gets through input check and enters in separate accounts.
Due to e-filing system there is increasing efficiency of data processing and excepting of technical errors.