Online Services

Taxpayer Personal Office for Individual Entrepreneurs (English version is available in testing mode)

Dedicated Personal office for Individual Entrepreneurs provides a full range of tools to help self employed people comply with their tax obligations on a daily basis. The service allows:

  • getting information from the Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs;
  • interacting with tax authorities online;
  • getting full and current information about your tax liabilities;
  • selecting a tax treatment that most fits your business and change it any time you need;
  • view information about budget settlements;
and many more.

Taxpayer Personal Office for Individuals (English version is available in testing mode)

The «Personal Taxpayer Office for Individuals» provides a taxpayer with access to the following on-line services:

  • view current information about tax debts;
  • view the sums of charged and paid taxes;
  • receive information about movable and immovable property objects which are held in possession of a taxpayer and recognized as taxable objects;
  • control the status of tax accounts;
  • make printouts of tax notices and tax payment forms;
  • receive tax notices from tax authorities;
  • make e-payments of taxes;
  • make inquires without personal visits to a tax office.

Taxpayer Personal Office for Legal Entities (English version is available in testing mode)

This service allows a taxpayer-legal entity to receive up-to-date information regarding its tax debts, amounts of taxes assessed and paid, the existence of overpayment and unascertained payments. It also lets to control the state of payments to the budget, to fill in and file a request for specifying the payment, request for offset\refund of overpayment; receive certificates on the state of accounting with the budget, on fulfillment of obligation to pay taxes and other mandatory charges, reconciliation acts; electronic ally receive extracts from Unified State register of Legal Entities with regard to themselves.

Address and payment details of your tax inspectorate

This service allows to find out number, address and account details of the relevant tax inspectorate by filling in taxpayers residence address

Tax registration of individuals with a local tax office

Service allows individuals to:

  • fill in an application for registration with a local tax office;
  • register and submit completed application;
  • receive information regarding applications processing status via FTS’s website and e-mail (if relevant information is provided in the applications section “Applicants contact information”);
  • print completed application.

Online business registration

This service is designed for individuals and companies who wish to start a new business. Charter documents may be filled digitally. Registration procedure takes five days and the only visit to a Registry is needed when you need to collect original copies of Business registration certificates. Use of electronic signature is required to apply for online business registration.

Find out a Taxpayers Identification Number (TIN)

This service allows finding out your own TIN or applying to find out the TIN of any individual who has a TIN.

Fill in a Payment Form

This service helps to fill in a tax or a duty payment form.

Make an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities / Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs

This service helps to make an online or hard copy enquiry for an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities or the Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs.

Access to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities / Unified Register of Individual Entrepreneurs

This service allows obtaining online data from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities or the Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs.

Federal address information system (FAIS)

FAIS covers territory of the Russian Federation and allows to get reliable, unified and publicly available address information.

Property Taxes: Rates and Relief

This service provides taxpayers with information regarding property taxes rates in efficient and timely manner. Following taxes are covered:

  • Individuals Property Tax;
  • Corporate Property Tax;
  • Land Tax;
  • Transport Tax.

Check yourself and your counterparty

Provides data on the following: -

  • information about legal entities, included into the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (publication); -
  • information about legal entities and individual entrepreneurs with respect of which the documentation required for state registration has been provided -
  • legal entities announcements published in «The State Registration Bulletin» magazine regarding decisions on liquidation, reorganization, reduction of the authorized capital, acquisition by a limited liability company of 20 % of authorized capital of other company, as well as other legal entities announcements that are subject to publication according to the Russian Federation legislation; -
  • information published in «The State Registration Bulletin» magazine about the decisions of the registration authorities on the upcoming exclusion ofnon-operating legal entities from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities; -
  • legal entities with the participation of disqualified persons in their executive bodies; -
  • addresses, specified as place of residence in course of state registration by a number of entities; -
  • information about individuals, who renounced their participation (management) in company in court or with respect to which the fact of nonparticipation has been established (confirmed) within judicial procedure;
  • information about legal entities that cannot be connected with at the address specified by them (place of residence) which is included into the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

Terms of tax notices submission

This service allows to get information about scheduled dates for submission of tax notices at relevant tax offices. Covers:

  • Individuals Property Tax;
  • Transport Tax;
  • Land Tax.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Service accumulates most frequently asked by taxpayers questions regarding:

  • current tax legislation;
  • property tax rates;
  • allowances;
  • order of interaction with tax authorities, etc.

Make an Enquiry

This service is helps to file an enquiry to the FTS.

Paying stamp duty

This service is designed to assist in preparation of payment forms for paying taxes and duties.

Direct mailing

This service facilitates email subscription to the FTS news.

Learn about the claim

This service allows organizations and individuals to receive information regarding claim consideration by the tax authority.

FTS Forum

The forum is designed to establish and maintain an open exchange of views and ideas between taxpayers and tax officials.

FTS service evaluation tool

This service is designed to help our clients to assess the performance of any of the FTS Regional offices and provide the FTS with valuable feedback on where improvements are needed.


This service provides information on job vacancy announcements available within the FTS.

Online registration of business by filing digital documents

This service allows sending documents to tax authority when registering your business.

It requires electronic signature and installation of special software to prepare documentation for filing.

A taxpayer can receive the original copy of State Registration Certificate by any mean convenient for him and it is not required to visit an inspectorate yourself.

Online Appointments to inspectorate

Service "Online Appointments to inspectorate» provides taxpayers an opportunity to appoint his visit to an inspectorate at any time online. The service is provided for legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and individuals.

Pay taxes

Service "Pay taxes" allows taxpayers - both individuals and legal entities - generate payment documents and make payments online through one of the partner banks that signed an agreement with the Federal Tax Service of Russia.

Start your own business

This service is an interactive step by step manual for entrepreneurs-beginners. The service will help you to choose the registration form and taxation regime, guide you through business registration process, learn the rules of handling cash registers, get necessary information about the tax audits procedure.