FTS Public Council

The FTS Public Council was established in 2009 and since that time significant results have been achieved. But nowadays its activity has become of great importance for us and as a result the decision to renew the FTS Public Council Board of participants has been adopted.

The reason for that are significant transformations undergoing in the FTS, as in the context of innovative and technological components of its activity as well as in the context of the principals of cooperation with society. Key trends of the FTS activity are directed at customer, modernization of service opportunities and information transparency.

That is why the FTS Public Council plays a significant role for the FTS, both in the capacity of public and professional expertise and as a forum where proposals and initiatives in tax administration sphere are elaborated.

According to the status of the FTS Public Council it is a standing consultative body which operates on voluntary basis. Scientists, businessmen, journalists, public figures, directors of largest and socially important enterprises have joined the Public Council as new participants.

We are ready to work hard and to cooperate on the full range of tax administration matters: enhancement of tax control and information efficiency, development of tax culture. It is of fundamental importance that a dialogue within the FTS Public Council framework exists not only with financiers, but also with representatives of such external spheres as science, art, education, public environment. Within the scope of the FTS activity the abovementioned fact allows to take into account not only economic factors but also to view a wider perspective of social and cultural development.

We are looking forward to great and near work as far as new technologies and services are to be utilized; we also need to take into account interests of various social classes and business spheres; further more it is required to maintain the balance of interests between the State and taxpayer. So and in no other way the economy may become efficient and citizens may enhance their welfare and social protectability.
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List of participants of the FTS Public Council