Online Services

Please note that FTS Online Services are currently only available in Russian.

Local Tax Office Locator

This service is designed to assist in identifying an address of any local tax office in Russia by using its number or an address location of a taxpayer.

Tax registration of individuals with a local tax office

This service is designed to assist individuals in tax registration. Tax registration would usually be needed when an individual is changing a residence address.

Online business registration

This service is designed for individuals and companies who wish to start a new business. Charter documents may be filled digitally. Registration procedure takes five days and the only visit to a Registry is needed when you need to collect original copies of Business registration certificates. Use of electronic signature is required to apply for online business registration.

Find out a Taxpayers Identification Number (TIN)

This service allows finding out your own TIN or applying to find out the TIN of any individual who has a TIN.

Taxpayer Personal Office

This service is designed for individuals. It provides online access to information on outstanding tax debts covering land tax, individual property tax, vehicles tax and personal income tax (only for Russian Citizens). It also allows making an online bank payment to cover a tax debt or make a printout of a hardcopy standard bank payment form accepted by bank offices. Please note that it may take up to four weeks for a tax debt to disappear from the debt list after the payment is done.

Taxpayer Personal Office for Individuals

The «Personal Taxpayer Office for Individuals» provides a taxpayer with access to the following on-line services:

  • view current information about tax debts;
  • view the sums of charged and paid taxes;
  • receive information about movable and immovable property objects which are held in possession of a taxpayer and recognized as taxable objects;
  • control the status of tax accounts;
  • make printouts of tax notices and tax payment forms;
  • receive tax notices from tax authorities;
  • make e-payments of taxes;
  • make enquires without tax authorities without personal visits to a tax office.

Fill in a Payment Form

This service helps to fill in a tax or a duty payment form.

Paying stamp duty

This service is designed to assist in preparation of payment forms for paying taxes and duties.

Make an Enquiry

This service is helps to file an enquiry to the FTS.


This service provides information on job vacancy announcements available within the FTS.