Stamp duty

Payers of state duty
Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.
Subject of levying of duties
Relevant in law activities enumerated in the Tax Code of Russian Federation.
Duty rates
State duty amount for accomplishing by state authorities, local authorities and other authorities and entitled official person relevant in law activities is determined by Chapter 25.3 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.
Date for duty payment
State duty is paid in cash or cashless payment form in place where relevant in law activity wasaccomplished. Confirmation of the fact that state duty has been paid, if in cashless payment form, is carried out by providing payment order with bank’s mark on it or with the mark of relevant territorial treasure body (other authority which is responsible for opening and maintenance of account), also authorities which make calculation in electronic form. The fact that state duty has been paid, if in cash form, is confirmed by check (according to special form) given to payer of state duty by bank or check given to payer of state duty by official person or by booking office of authority where the payment was made. State duty is paid before accomplishing entitled authorities and official persons relevant in law activities.