The FTS is preparing international guidelines on online cash registers

The Federal Tax Service of Russia

Published: 28.11.2018 16:05

The experts of the Federal Tax Service are in the final stages of preparing a report summarizing the work done within the Project on Online cash registers of the OECD Forum on Tax Administration (FTA). The report will feature a “how-to guide” – a set of guidelines and recommendations for tax administrations of the world to facilitate designing and implementing online cash register systems.

The report will mark the end of a year-and-a-half long project sponsored by the FTS of Russia. In September 2017 the FTA Bureau tasked the FTS with collecting experience and leading practices in introducing and using cash registers with real-time data transfer functionality. The FTS experts and the FTA Secretariat started the project work with a dedicated survey aimed at accumulating country cases and statistical data. The project team received 17 responses which have played a major role in feeding the final report.

A milestone for the project was the Online cash registers workshop that took place in Budapest in June 2018. The workshop, organized by the FTS and the Hungarian National Tax and Customs Administration, featured attendance from 30 tax administrations and the private sector. In his keynote speech FTS Commissioner Mikhail Mishustin shared Russian experience of the cash register reform and provided a live demonstration of the analytical system. Ideas and expertise shared by workshop participants have also contributed greatly to the project report.

The FTS of Russia and the FTA Secretariat are currently finalizing the report. It is expected to feature three major parts: (i) an introductory part laying out the principal benefits and costs of online cash register systems; (ii) a compendium of country cases illustrating best practice examples from system users; and (iii) a how-to-guide containing practical step-by-step guidance for tax administrations concerning design, implementation and operation of such systems. It should be noted that the report relies heavily on the successful experience of introducing online cash registers in Russia.

The final report will be published and presented at the FTA Plenary in Chile in March 2019.