FTS Organizational Structure

Daniil Egorov
Human Resources Directorate
Internal Audit Direcorate
Directorate for HR Development and Service Culture
Deputy Commissioners
Julia Shepeleva
Competent authority for the purposes of EOI, AEOI & DTT
Responsible for:
International Cooperation and Capital Movement Control Directorate
International Taxation Directorate
Directorate for Largest Taxpayers
Viktor Batsiev
Responsible for:
Legal Directorate
Pre-Court Appeal Directorate
Svetlana Bondarchuk
Responsible for:
Administrative Directorate
Property Taxation Directorate
Personal Income Taxation and Insurance Contribution Administration Directorate
Andrey Budarin
Responsible for:
Tax Modernization Directorate
Digital Services Directorate
Operative Control Directorate
Organizational Development and UX/UI Directorate
Konstantin Chekmyshev
Responsible for:
Professional Development Directorate
Tax Debt Management Directorate
Bankruptcy Proceedings Directorate
Special Projects Directorate
Alexander Egorichev
Responsible for:
Desk Audit Directorate
Electronic Document Interchange Directorate
Vitaly Kolesnikov
Responsible for:
Taxpayers Incorporation and Registration Directorate
Population Registry Directorate
Analytical Directorate
Andrey Petrushin
Responsible for:
IT Directorate
Information Security Directorate
Dmitry Satin
Responsible for:
Tax Audit Directorate
Finance Directorate
Directorate for Taxation of Legal Entities
Cooperative Compliance Directorate