Online Services

Please note that FTS Online Services are currently only available in Russian.

Online business registration

This service is designed for individuals and companies who wish to start a new business. Charter documents may be filled digitally. Registration procedure takes five days and the only visit to a Registry is needed when you need to collect original copies of Business registration certificates. Use of electronic signature is required to apply for online business registration.

Fill in a Payment Form

This service helps to fill in a tax or a duty payment form.

Find out more about your company or your business partner

This service is designed to help reduce business risks that may indicate evidence of hostile takeovers, raider attacks or fraudulent actions by prospective business partners. Online access is provided to data base containing information on:

  • Businesses that go through registration procedures that may affect existing charter documents and entries in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.
  • Published announcements on business liquidation or reorganization procedures, reduction of charter capital or purchase of more then 20% of charter capital of one LLC by another.
  • Announcements of decisions to exclude inactive businesses from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities
  • Business mass registration addresses

Paying stamp duty

This service is designed to assist in preparation of payment forms for paying taxes and duties.