The Federal Tax Service of Russia shared its experience in setting up and maintaining the goods traceability system
Published: 02.04.2024 12:47

At the workshop, the Russian Federal Tax Service shared its experience implementing the national products traceability system with members from the Tax Committee of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Dmitry Cherepanov, Deputy Head of the Desk Audit Directorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia, informed Uzbek colleagues about the goals and objectives defined during the establishment of the goods traceability system and displayed its functioning principle. He also shared the FTS's experience using data received from this system. For example, information on the geographical flow of goods allows for the early identification of tax authorities participating in tax monitoring processes.

The workshop participants explored the possibility for implementing comparable functions in Uzbekistan and expressed interest for further collaboration.

The workshop on experience exchange was performed in accordance with the Roadmap for Cooperation between the Tax Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan's Cabinet of Ministers and Russia's Federal Tax Service for 2024-25.