Tax experts from Russia and Azerbaijan discussed the revenue recognition by Online Cash Registers System in markets
Published: 29.03.2024 13:00

At a regular working meeting, experts from Russia's Federal Tax Service and the State Tax Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan's Ministry of Economy shared their experiences in tracking and supervising the usage of online cash registers in markets. The event took place online.

This event is particularly important in light of several anticipated amendments to the Republic of Azerbaijan's Tax Code this year, which aim to improve taxpayer accounting discipline and ensure tax monitoring of large retailers and markets.

Alexander Sorokin, Deputy Head of the Operative Control Directorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia, spoke about the analytical results of the using online cash registers in markets – in order to achieve a large market coverage, a clear structure of interaction is needed to be established between all participants of this process: the Federal Tax Service of Russia (methodological recommendations), the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare of the Russian Federation, commissioners for entrepreneurs’ rights, business councils and public organizations with the support of regional centers under the Federal Tax Service of Russia, as well as directly with market operators and market tenants.

Informing all interested parties about the benefits of using online cash registers system, as well as the peculiarity of this rapid response system that provides transparency in all calculations, is a top priority. At the same time, it is critical to consider the whole process: "proactive informing - taxpayer actions - supervisory authority reaction."

During six months of active cooperation between Russia's Federal Tax Service and its partners, the purchase and usage of online cash registers increased by two times. In order to boost interest in this equipment, the FTS of Russia performed a research on the most desired features and specifications of technical equipment in terms of quality and usefulness, and notified manufacturers about customer needs. The registry of cash register equipment now contains 200 versions.

Furthermore, it is recommended that benchmarks and incentives be developed for achieving synergies and overall coverage of the system, such as availability and volume of online cash registers and retail sales through online cash registers.

During the debate, the Azerbaijani colleagues showed interest in the legislation regulating the scope of use of online cash registers. Alexander Sorokin stated that amendments to the relevant measures are currently being prepared for the second reading in the State Duma of the Russian Federation. As a result, market participants will be able to bypass the Federal Tax Service of Russia and provide aggregated information or tax data to a third party via online cash register operators (for example, on total volume of revenue) in order to optimize and increase their operational efficiency.

The Azerbaijani colleagues expressed gratitude to  the Federal Tax Service of Russia for the exchange of knowledge and expressed hope for future collaboration in this area.